Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Troop 605 on Jamboree Tour - Day Three

Hello Fellow Scouts -
JamboTroopBlogger Dave here in South Jordan, Utah.

Day Three (July 21st) on the GSLC Pre-Jamboree Tour was another fun-filled day for Jamboree Troop 605. Here's what Scoutmaster Dave Wilson had to say:

Here are today's photos, and a few quotes and events from our tour of Philadelphia, Valley Forge and Amish Country.

  • Quote by everyone: "People in Philadelphia and more friendly than New Yorkers!"

  • Kay (Betsy Ross look-a-like Philly tour guide): "Philadelphia means City of Brotherly Love in Greek."

  • Scoutmaster Kevin Later: Best Rocky Impersonation - "Yo Adriane ..."

  • Greg won our Troop race to the top of the art museum steps to become our Troop Rocky of the Day.

  • "Red Robin" - older Scouts code for, " check out that cute girl over there;" typically followed by a chorus from those that agree, "Yuuuum!"

  • On a similar note, Collin was bold enough to ask our tour guide Kay, "Do you have any grand daughters?" She was quick to say, "No!!!"

  • Everyone: "Philly Cheese Steaks are heavenly!"

  • During the bus ride to Valley Forge, Chandler took up a collection of pickle spears, and the Troop later chanted, "Conner, Conner, Conner" as he set a Jamboree Record by eating 26+ pickles. Fortunately (for you), the video files are too large to send back for the website.

  • On a more serious note, Aaron was recognized today as the "Scout of the Day" for his good turn in choosing to give his lunch to our bus driver Bob.

  • Our "Scout of the Day" yesterday was Assistant Patrol Leader Brandon, who saw the Troop was short one water bottle during lunch and gave his to a Scout in need.

We closed today with an Amish Dinner at the Plain & Fancy Restaurant, and a multi-media show about the Amish way of life. We heard Ryan (one of our younger Scouts) say to no one in particular, "That is so cool!" His comment represented the feelings of many of the Scouts and Leaders.

Regards, Scoutmaster Dave

Check back for more daily reports from Jamboree Troop 605 on tour and headed to the National Jamboree 2010 at Ft. AP Hill in only 5 days!

Your Friend in Scouting,
JamboTroopBlogger Dave

Sunday, January 31, 2010

100 Years of Scouting - BSA Core Principles

Hello Fellow Scouts - JamboTroopBlogger Dave here in South Jordan, Utah.

Yesterday we started our blog series on the Centennial Year of the BSA - History & Memories. Yours truly shared some memories dating back to the 60th year of Scouting (1970) and some thoughts as to how the values of Scouting can and should be passed along.

Today we invite you to review and remember the Core Principles of the Boy Scouts of America. These principles have guided the BSA and are what is known as Scouting:

  • Leadership
  • Character
  • Service
  • Environmental Stewarship
  • Achievement

Invest 7 minutes of your day to view this inspiring video about the BSA - 100 Years of Scouting and the Core Principles. If you love Scouting, this video from the Heart of America Council will touch you in an especially wonderful way.

It is not surprising that the Boy Scouts of America has thrived for 100 Years. The Journey will continue for the next century with your help in passing the Core Principles of Scouting on to our young men of today.

Your Friend in Scouting,
JamboTroopBlogger Dave

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Centennial Year of BSA - Scouting History & Memories

Hello Fellow Scouts - JamboTroopBlogger Dave here in South Jordan, Utah.

This is the Centennial Year for the Boy Scouts of America. There is so much history to remember and talk about. We will talk about the rich history of Scouting over the coming months as we approach the National Jamboree 2010 this summer. As we do, we suggest that you remember your Scouting past and consider how it may benefit the future of you and your family. We share the following memories of one boy who became a Scout during the 60th year of the BSA.

Forty years ago today, January 30, 1970, a young man named David turned 11 and went on his first Scout campout with Troop 400 of Fountain Valley, California. The campsite was less than an hour away at Camp Myford but this new Scout considered the trip the most important of his life. He was so excited to be a Scout and a part of the group of 20 or so from Troop 400.

Now, it is said that It Never Rains in Southern California, but it did that first night of camping for David. Troop 400 was a new troop and did not have (yet) expensive all-weather tents. Orange tube tents strung between two trees and staked at the four corners provided the shelter for the Scouts. These are tents that some carry today for emergency shelter.

Well, it wasn't long before the heavy rain formed a stream and it was running from one open end of David's tent to the other. There are no doors on tube tents you see. So sleeping bags get wet, and then Scouts get wet and cold. So, David heads to the campfire and warms up but soon the adults instruct that it is time to go to bed. What bed? My bed is at home - here I just have a wet sleeping bag and its cold! Obidiently, David went back to the tube tent for what he recalls to be the most miserable night of camping ever.

The next month David was on the Scout campout with Troop 400 and he did not miss one ever. He learned to backpack, fish, cook, shoot rifles, climb rocks and glaciers, lead and teach other Scouts, and so many other things. David loved Scouting and he became an Eagle Scout in 1974. He later formed Explorer Post 400 with some of his older backpacking friends, and they continued on for a couple more years before college.

With all the great times in Scouting that David has had and remembers to this day, one of the fondest memories is that his Dad was along on most of the Scout outings. He was in the backgound yes, but he was there and an impotant part of David's experience with Scouting.

Fast forward to 1996 when David's first son was born. He was there when Brandon was born and one of the first thoughts was, I can hardly wait until he is eleven years old so he can become a Scout. And today David has two sons, Brandon and Parker, in Scouts with Troop 410 of Salt Lake City. His third son, Carter, will be 11 in May and can hardly wait until he can join Troop 410. In fact, Carter has tagged along on 3 or 4 campouts for some early training and FUN!

Brandon will be 14 tomorrow and is about 3 months from earning his Eagle Scout badge. He is a leader, loves to cook and camp, and now he is passing his skills on to the younger Scouts. He helps his brother Parker, just like David helped his younger brother Bryon.

Parker is 12 and has lots of fun, especially with the crafts - basketry and pottery as examples. He already helps his younger brother Carter, just like Brandon helps him. And so it is with Scouting, one Scout passing on the skills learned to the younger Scouts, so they may do the same.

Brandon will attend the National Jamboree 2010 this summer, and he will have the time of his life with Jamboree Troop 605 and all the other Scouts at Fort AP Hill, Virginia. His Dad will be watching in the background and blogging a bit about some of the important points of history for the BSA, the values of Scouting, and those memories and skills we all have and need to pass along to the younger Scouts, so they may do the same. Check back or subscribe to the Jamboree Troop Blog feed for future blog posts.

Feel free to share a memory or two through your comments below or send an email to JamboTroopBlogger Dave. We would like to share some real life Scouting memories with everyone as the National Jamboree 2010 approaches. Its only 176 days away!

Your Friend in Scouting,
JamboTroopBlogger Dave

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great Basin Patch-Logo for the GSLC Sub-Camp

Hello Fellow Scouts - JamboTroopBlogger Dave here in South Jordan, Utah.

Almost everyone knows that 100 Years of Scouting is the theme for the 2010 Jamboree. We also know that many Scouts collect patches; some even take it beyond the "just for fun" level.

Anyway, the National Scout Jamboree in 2010 will feature a patch collection that will form the number "100" using 21 patch-logos for the same number of sub-camps at Jamboree 2010.

For a better idea of what I am talking about, take a look at the WR Jamboree Newsletter for August. It just came out on the 19th and includes a picture of the four Western Region sub-camp patch-logos, plus an arrow showing where in the overall "100" set of patches they fit.

As an example, Scouts coming from the Great Salt Lake Council (GSLC) have been assigned to sub-camp 6. The number 6 coincides with the first number of our Jamboree Troop 605, based in Salt Lake City, and part of the GSLC. Looking for number 6 in the set of patch-logos reveals that JT-605 hails from the Great Basin area of the Western Region. The Great Basin Patch-Logo is shown above in this post.

JamboreeTroopBlogger Dave has been told that Scouts will be able to collect (puchase) all 21 patches to make the "100" set. A large neckerchief will be available for display purposes. So, be prepared for patch trading and collecting at Jamboree 2010 - more on this topic in the future.

Keep checking back, or subscribe to the Jamboree Troop Blog feed for future posts about Jamboree 2010.

Only 337 days before the Jamboree 2010 fun begins!

Your Friend in Scouting,
JamboTroopBlogger Dave

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jamboree 2010 Staff Positions Filling Fast - Jamboree Staff Guide is Online

Hello Fellow Scouts - JamboTroopBlogger Dave here in South Jordan, Utah.

Normally, I would not post more than once a day, but I had a conversation this morning with the Associate Regional Director for Programs, John Van Dreese, at BSA's Western Region HQ. We covered several topics and one was staffing for Jamboree 2010.

For the Western Region, staffing at the four sub-camp groups is close to complete. However, John suggested that the Action Center might be an excellent choice with 50 or so spots still open. The number of open positions has been reduced substantially since last report in the WR Newsletter at the end of June. So, if you are thinking about attending Jamboree 2010 as a Staff member, it is time to get your application in online.

A good first step would be to review the Jamboree Staff Guide which is available online. It is 40 pages in pdf format and should give you a good idea of the ABCs of being a member of the Jamboree Staff.

The next step, if you are in the Western Region, would be to call Chris Hunt at 480-752-7013. Chris is also an Associate Regional Director for Programs at BSA's Western Region HQ, and he is in charge of WR Staffing for the Jamboree. Now, be aware that Chris will be doing BSA work away from his office next week, but leave him a message regarding your interest.

If you are located or interested in one of the other three BSA Regions, you may access them at BSA Central Region - BSA Northeast Region - BSA Southern Region. For more information on the Western Region and Jamboree, you will find links to the monthly WR Jamboree Newsletters in the column to the left at Jamboree Troop Blog.

There are also Staff Positions Available at the BSA National level. The National Scout Jamboree 2010 Staff page is where you will find all the information you will need.

For those Scouts out there unfamiliar with the Jamboree Site, or if you just want to have some fun, check out the Jamboree 2010 Interactive Map. Click on the Action Centers (middle of map) for events included plus a short video description. The internet is so much fun!

Jamboree 2010 will celebrate 100 Years of Scouting sure, but more than that, it will be one of those priceless memories for all that attended. What are you waiting for - take a look at the Jamboree Staff Guide and get your application in for a Staff position as soon as possible.

Your Friend in Scouting,
JamboTroopBlogger Dave

Jamboree 2010 Leader's Guide is Available

Hello Fellow Scouts - JamboTroopBlogger Dave here in South Jordan, Utah.

For all the Jamboree Troop Leaders out there - the Jamboree Leader's Guide is now available online.

The Leader's Guide is filled with information from A to Z and includes 20 appendicies. At 79 pages in pdf format, it is a tremendous resource and a "must read" for all Jamboree Troop Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters.

Get a copy of the Jamboree Leader's Guide today so you will be prepared for the next 11 months of preparations for JAMBOREE 2010!

Your Friend in Scouting,
JamboTroopBlogger Dave